For those of you who have more time to explore, embark on a discovery of the history of France through a Brittany wine and food tour!

During this 4 Days Brittany Wine Tour, we also add many activities such as blind tastings to improve your juice appreciation!

1st day:​Nantes region.

9 a.m.: discovery of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne, the most famous castle of our region… until one dark day of 1532, when Brittany sealed its union with France. Relive these highlights, and discover what made the strength of this city, between Brittany, Loire and the Atlantic!

Did you know? Cabernet Franc is also called Cabernet Breton, or simply “le Breton”! This is because this typical Loire wine was very often exported to Brittany, or to England through the port of Nantes which at the time was in… Brittany!

12 p.m.: lunch at the Art n’ Blum restaurant, typically French and even Breton! The menu combines the finesse of French gastronomy and the delicacy of Breton specialties, especially with salted butter caramel!

2.30 p.m.: visit of the town of Clisson, a vestige of Italian influence! Walk around the castle of this truly Tuscan town!

4 p.m.: tasting in a Muscadet vineyard. Discover this grape variety paired with a plate of oysters!

6:30 p.m.: arrival at the Bed and Breakfast.

7:30 p.m.: dinner

9:30 p.m.: return to the hotel.

2nd day:

9 am: discovery of Guérande, its castle and the salt marshes! Indeed, this city developed around salt, which was very popular in French dishes. Discover the techniques to recover salt, this product from which the government has greatly benefited to tax consumers.

12 p.m.: lunch in a Breton creperie with Breton cider!

2 p.m.: Vannes, its majestic port, its imposing ramparts, its gourmet shops!

6 p.m.: aperitif on the picturesque port of Saint-Goustan in Auray. This is where the American Ambassador Benjamin Franklin landed in 1787 during his expedition to France!

8 p.m.: dinner. For the bravest, try the Andouille de Guéméné, a local speciality! Prepared with pork chitterlings (i.e. the large intestine) threaded on top of each other to give it its characteristic cut, made of concentric circles. It is smoked over a beech fire, which gives it its dark exterior color. It’s delicious with mashed potatoes, all accompanied by a white wine from Montlouis (Loire)!

9 p.m.: return to the Bed and Breakfast.

3rd day:​Day at sea!

9 am: visit of the megaliths of Carnac, 6500 years old! This is the French Stonehenge, this mystery that the Bretons are still trying to explain to you!

11 a.m.: discovering oyster farming! How are oysters, these true pearls of Brittany, cultivated? Explanation of techniques… and tasting on site with a glass of wine!

12 p.m.: traditional lunch

2 p.m.: tour of the Gulf of Morbihan by boat, a glass of Champagne in hand!
This jewel with 365 islands, you can visit one (Ile aux Moines) if you wish. Explanations of the tides, the Gulf Stream, the local economy on board.

6:30 p.m.: return to the Bed and Breakfast via La Trinitaine, this Breton biscuit shop. Taste the Breton cake: with its golden crust decorated with crosses, it is unique! It is cooked with salted butter, egg yolk, sugar and flour, which gives it its slightly crumbly texture reminiscent of a Breton puck.

7:30 p.m.: dinner (try the Kig-ha-Farz! Also called “the Breton stew” Kig-ha-Farz is the old dish of the poor. Composed of meat and vegetables, it is cooked with two bags linen by adding wheat flour and buckwheat flour respectively. It cooks for long hours before it can be eaten with a sauce made of butter and shallots or onion, nicknamed “lipig”)

9:30 p.m.: return to the hotel.

4th day:​an artistic day in the Finistère.

9:30 a.m.: discovery of the charming town of Pont-Aven, its many picturesque bridges over the Aven river, its artists’ galleries, its biscuit shops (the famous Traou Mad). the niniches (lollipops)…

11:30 a.m.: visit of Concarneau! Lunch in the closed city; climb on the ramparts and stroll through the shops.

3 p.m.: visit of Quimper, the Henriot pottery. Tasting of chouchen, this honey-based alcohol (mead). It is drunk well chilled and is ideal to accompany the tasting of game or desserts. Tasting of Kouign Amann, this typically Breton cake made with butter (and sometimes apples)!

6 p.m.: end of tour



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  • This Tour 4 Days Loire includes 3 nights, please select these nights in the calendar.
  • The child rate is 10% lower than adult rates.
  • It is possible to book one night before the start of the tour (100 euros per night / person) contact us here.
  • It is possible to book one night after the start of the tour (100 euros per night / person) contact us here.
  • One way from Paris and its airports and possible at a price of 270 euros from 1 to 3 people and from 4 people 320 euros.

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